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Title Faculty Openings, Department of Electrical Engineering, NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY
OfficeCollege of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science--Department of Electrical Engineering
TIME2022/8/10 下午 12:31:35
Content We are inviting applications for faculty positions at the ranks of Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor in, but not limited to, the following areas:

Multi-Agent Systems, Intelligent Robotics, Mechatronics, and General Control Areas

Advanced CMOS, Nanoelectronics, Nanophotonics, Display, Memory Technologies, Quantum Technologies, Bioelectronics, IoT Devices, Power and High-Frequency Devices

Malware Analysis, Network Security, IoT Security, Secure Software and Testing, Secure Coding, Cyber-physical Security

SoC Design (AI/ML Chips, Embedded Processor/Memory Design, Green/Medical Electronics, Sensor Electronics, THz/Quantum Circuits, Si Photonics), Hardware Security/Dependable and Trusted Hardware Architecture

Computer Science and Engineering, Embedded Systems, Cloud/Green/Ubiquitous/Mobile Computing and Networking, Cybersecurity and Trusted Computing, Machine Learning, Data-Centric Computing, Computer Architecture

Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, and Smart Grid

Biomedical Electronics, Biomedical Imaging, Nano-Biotechnology, Biophotonics, Bioinformatics, Medical Informatics, Neuroengineering, Computational Bioengineering, Biomedical Sensors

Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Techniques, Antennas and Applications, Electromagnetic Theory and Computational Techniques, IoT Enabling Technologies, THz Technologies, Radar Systems

Communications, Signal Processing, Optimization, Information Theory, Coding Theory, and Emerging Fields in the Aforementioned Areas, Image Forensics, Cyber-Physical Security

Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Design and Verification Methodology for Secure System

Photonics for 3D Sensing, Emerging Display Technologies, Optical Communications & Optical Interconnects (including components/modules/systems for LiDAR, 5G, data center), Ultrahigh Speed Optoelectronics, Quantum Computing (hardware/software)

Data Science and Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, IoT, Data-Centric Computing and Networking, Next-Generation Wireless Networks, Social Networks, Cyber Security

Applications should be submitted through the website at https://ee.ntu.edu.tw/eeoffice/ntueejob/, and a softcopy of the following application materials should be emailed to deptee@ntu.edu.tw by November 10, 2022. 
1)Cover letter
2)A curriculum vitae with a full publication list and a teaching and research plan
3)Up to 5 recent publications (including major publications within 5 years and additional publications within 7 years)
4)Two or more reference letters (should be separately emailed to deptee@ntu.edu.tw by referees)
5)Ph.D. degree certificate (or a proof of Ph.D. degree to be granted by July 31, 2023)
6)Undergraduate and graduate transcripts.
The employment starting date is Aug. 1st. 2023 or Feb. 1st. 2024.

All ranks of professors are compensated in accordance with the standard set forth by the Ministry of Education. Additional merit pay may include Yushan Scholar Program from MOE, Subsidy for Incoming Distinguished Talents from NTU, support from the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship, compensation for principle investigators from industrial-academic collaboration grants, etc. Further information is available in the NTU Faculty Handbook (http://event.ntu.edu.tw/facultyhandbook/en/about-ntu/).

ReaderFaculty/Staff, Student, Alumni, Others

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