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Title Faculty Position Institute of Pharmacology College of Medicine National Taiwan University
OfficeSchool of Medicine--Department of Pharmacology and Graduate Institute of Pharmacology
TIME2019/10/29 下午 05:04:00
Content Faculty Position
Institute of Pharmacology
College of Medicine
National Taiwan University

Several faculty positions (assistant / associate / professor) are available.

1. The applicants with following experiences are encouraged to apply:
(i) Ph.D. scientists with solid training in the field of biomedical sciences
(ii) At least one year of postdoctoral training or assistant professorship
(iii) Capability of independent research and teaching in pharmacology

2. Applicants should submit the following documents (hardcopy or electronic files):
(i) Curriculum vitae and autobiography (including education and research experience, academic achievements, honors, complete publication list, a copy of Ph.D. diploma)
(ii) Summary of previous research and teaching experience
(iii) Research proposals and teaching plan in the following 5 years
(iv) Three recommendation letters (directly from the referees to the search committee)
(v) PDF files of 1~5 representative publications in the past 5 years

3. Effective date of appointment: Feb 1, 2021

4. The hard copy or electronic files should be sent to:
    Institute of Pharmacology, College of Medicine,
    National Taiwan University
    No. 1, Sec. 1, Jen-Ai Rd, Taipei 100, Taiwan
Search committee: Wan-Wan Lin ( wwllaura1119@ntu.edu.tw)
Tel: 886-2-23123456 ext. 62221
Contact person: Ms. Yan-Mo Shen
E-mail: momoshen@ ntu.edu.tw
Tel: 886-2-23123456 ext. 88328
Fax: 886-2-23915297
Related websitehttps://www.mc.ntu.edu.tw/pharmacology/Index.action
ReaderFaculty/Staff, Student, Alumni, Others

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