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Title Faculty positions (assistant professor or higher) at Graduate and Department of Forensic Medicine, National Taiwan University
Office School of Medicine--Department of Forensic Medicine
TIME 2022/5/4 下午 05:41:11
Content 1.Job Description
Research, teaching and mentoring
a.Applicants shall comply with policy from the Office of the Personnel (https://www.mc.ntu.edu.tw/person/Fpage.action?muid=2041&fid=1368)
b.Applicants shall have PhD degree in the either fields of Pathology, Biology, Radiology, Clinical Medicine, Psychiatry, Dentistry or Anthropology; or applicants shall have certificated license on medicine and dentistry with assistant professor (or higher) accreditation by Department of Education, ROC.
c.It will be better if applicants have forensic examiner license but it is not mandatory.
3.Required materials
b.Publication list*
c.Teaching and research plan
d.Copies for certification of diploma and work experiences
e.Two letters of recommendation from experts (Signed and sealed; references must be associated professor or higher)
Provide one hard copy and pdf file for a-d.
* Please fill the forms by following the link below (https://www.mc.ntu.edu.tw/person/Fpage.action?muid=2056&fid=1383)
4.Start date
5.Special note
Applicants can be also hired as Visiting staff (Vs) as long as NTUH agrees.
6.Deadline for application
7/11/2022 (Monday). All the documents should be arrived before 5 P.M. of 7/11/2022
7.Mailing Address
No.7, Zhongshan S. Rd, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100225, Taiwan
Department and Graduate Institute of Forensic Medicine, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University
E-mail: forensic@ntu.edu.tw
8.Contact information
Miss Chien
E-mail: forensic@ntu.edu.tw
Tel: +886-2-23123456 ext 265489
Fax: +886-2-23218438
Contact 簡淑芬
Tel 02-23562156#265489
EMail forensic@ntu.edu.tw
Target 教職員、學生、校友、其他
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